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Hi, welcome to Wiki Simple! This is a project created by me, Jenna Recktenwald, to test my Python skills a bit. It's hosted on Google App Engine (GAE) and utilizes GAE's datastore and memcache to store pages, edits, users, page views, etc. The markup codes (such as [ s ][ /s ]) were coded by me with inspiration from common markup codes. This allows for certain html tags and styling to be used without opening up the wiki to other html insertion vulnerabilities. This wiki also utilizes Javascript for viewing previews of edits before saving and other small functions across the site. The front-end design was based on a five-column grid and coded using HTML5/CSS3. It's been tested in several main browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). Feel free to sign-up and edit pages or just take a look around. Thanks for visiting!